Why a marquee wedding?

By opting for a marquee you have the luxury of building your very own venue from the ground up. As a result, the space you create will best reflect your personalities and taste. For example, they can ooze modern luxury,  be beautifully traditional or exude rustic charm. The additions you choose can whisper less is more or scream splendour and grandeur.

Not having your own space for a marquee should not hold you back, because we work with a lovely collection of partner venues, including grand stately homes and rustic working farms. For more information, check out our Venue Finding page.

What are the benefits?

You are not tied to a purpose built venue, which has a number of advantages. First, you are not confined to a venues internal catering, which can be costly. Perhaps you have a favourite caterer in mind or you simply want the freedom to explore the most economic solution.

Secondly, you are not contracted to use a venues internal bar because by choosing a marquee, the space is yours, to-do with as you wish. Bar frontages can be hired in and adapted to suit your theme, so this gives you the power to explore your own drinks packages. Check out our Bespoke bars page for more information.

Finally, you have the freedom to host your event wherever you want to. Perhaps a family garden or maybe a location that has sentimental meaning to you and your guests. Most importantly your event will automatically be a unique occasion because you will not be sharing your space with any other happy couples. It's an exclusive use venue that only you and your guests are invited to so the photographs of your big day will never be repeated.

What else do I need to know?

Have you thought about.........

Space for a catering tent. Out of site and out of mind. This discreet addition acts as your kitchen and your utility space so your caterer has room to prep.

Heating. Make the inside space comfortable and cosy, even in the winter time.

Air-conditioning. This can be added on at the last minute so your guests can enjoy the day in comfort.

Generator. No access to power? No problem. Our generators will keep your heating, air conditioning, lighting and, most importantly, the music on!

Luxury toilet block. Inside the marquee or tucked behind it. These luxury portable units are as flexible as the marquees themselves.


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